The Passport Bros is Really a Thing

The Passport Bros is Really a Thing

The Passport Bros is a HOT topic right now. Hot. Y’all the men are saying they are getting their passports and going to get them women from other countries. The women are mad. BIG MAD. How did we get here? Men didn’t just get up one day and decide to marry women from other countries overnight. Let’s talk bout it. Before we continue, I will not give my opinion or pass judgment on the passport bros or the women that take issue with this. We are looking at BOTH sides.

This Isn’t New

Other races of men have been doing this for hundreds of years. The issue seems that it has become a topic blown up because black men have jumped on this phenomenon now. Black women are not pleased with it, and black women are speaking up about it more than ever.. Now, one thing we do not get involved in and talk about is racial conversations. It’s a divisive and circular topic that is based on solely opinions and beliefs that are difficult to change in others.

The passport bros problem is a culture in America problem. It is one we will not solve in a blog post. We are at least going to shed a light on it to help you understand. Before you continue, let’s sidebar here. Read that post to gather where a lot of this began within the last 50 years in this country.

We gotta give COVID-19 some credit, being at home got us making and consuming content. We had a lot of time to consume and learn about things we did not have the time to do before. White male creators had been talking about the passport bros more during this time. It became a hot-button issue when other races (blacks & Hispanics) of men started to follow suit.

the passport bros
passport bro

What are the Passport Bros?

According to the Urban Dictionary, “The “Passport Bros” are men who have chosen to seek out foreign women, typically from other countries, for relationships. They believe that western women have been influenced by cultural and societal pressures to behave in a certain way, and that by seeking out foreign women, they can find a more authentic, fulfilling, and harmonious relationship. This is seen as a way to restore the natural balance between masculine and feminine energy, and to avoid the “wickedness” of western women.” They are seeking what they believe is more traditional women.

I would say this is the most accurate definition that has not been twisted by those that disagree with it. This is what most men are saying that are passport bros. Now if you read my sidebar above, and if you haven’t go back and read it, you will fully comprehend this definition.

Passport bros are a variation of MGTOW movement, but the passport variant is men who still want to wife up good women instead of rejecting marriage altogether. Passport bros believe that certain women are worthy of marriage and that both husband and wife should contribute to the marriage in some way. If you Google passport bros you are going to come across a lot of articles and YouTube videos, about the subject the opposing thoughts about it. We are going to be objective.


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Do the Passport Bros Have a Legit Point?

It’s about to get dicey. If in life, we feel we are not getting what we want, we go elsewhere to find it. This is no exception. Here is the difference. For those of you that love Target and can’t find something, many of you are not going to Walmart to find it and you have your reasons. Others are, as long as they think will find what they are looking for. The issue with the passport bros is that they are being ridiculed for going to Walmart instead of hoping Target may have it when they try to go back. This is the issue.

Is It Really Sex Tourism?

In your little searchy search on Google you will see many accusations of sex tourism. This accusation has been made due to one man. This man from here went to Brazil, went live on YouTube, and said some things that not only angered Brazilians but the women who are opposed to the passport bros trend here. The controversy is due to a concern that the passport bros are seeking out underprivileged and marginalized women instead of independent women.

Austin Holleman, the latest passport bro I referred to earlier said Brazilian women are easy and highlighted how Brazilian men are not sexually frustrated and to ditch American women and head to Brazil. He states he is being misinterpreted. He is not helping American men look good at all.

No matter how either side feels about it, the passport bros will stay passporting. We can’t coerce others to do what we want because we may disagree. I encourage people to go and do what they need to do (within reason) to find what they are looking for. Are you having a problem with finding love? Problems in your relationship? Grab my e-book today!

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