Men Are Refusing To Get Into Relationships

Men Are Refusing To Get Into Relationships

We have a dating problem. Men are more and more refusing to get into relationships. We should all be worried. Now over the past few years, we have heard more and more women shying away from relationships. Women have said it was because of the decline of qualified men. Women believe this, and this is simply untrue. The statistics prove back this up. The reality is that 80% of women are only dating a small percentage of men. Watch this video by CNN that shows why we have a dating problem:

Why the rate of single men in the US looking for dates has declined

In the book I am currently writing, I break this down much more in-depth. We are only going to dance at the surface and more so on what I see out here, than just statistics that are talked bout here. Let’s look to the city of Atlanta, according to recent reports, the ratio of single women to men is 10:1. This is from some light research, so do not take that as gospel, but if you want you can do some deeper research on this. You can just ask someone and I am willing to bet they will tell you the deal. Read more in-depth about it here.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Ladies, you should be concerned. Now Beyonce and the married ones who sell single lady music will tell you that you have endless options, I hope the above video gave you some sobering news that this isn’t looking good. The video below will show you some of why more men are opting out of dating:

Credit: YouTube

What? Women have gotten pickier, and some are pricing themselves out of the dating market. This woman had a laundry list of must-have’s and it was to the point of contradictory. More and more men are not taking women seriously because there is an overwhelming sentiment from women that have this similar thought process when it comes to dating.

We Need Relationships

We have needed relationships since the beginning of time. Our families have grown and depended on relationships. Without relationships, we can’t pass on family traditions, and when homes are broken we can’t transfer generational wealth as easily. We put our children’s mental health at risk when our children see broken relationships, and they are more likely to also follow the same trajectory. With men and women both not seeking each other, we are going to head down a dangerous road as a society that will be tough to come back from. It is time to stop the gender war, get right mentally through therapy, and right spiritually through God.

Check out my post about the latest phenomenon called the Passport Bros here. They are called the Passport Bros because they are getting passports and going to other countries to find women. Give it a read.

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