Love is Blind Until It Isn’t

Love is Blind Until It Isn’t

Love is Blind Until It Isn’t

If you haven’t read my last post, Is Love Really Blind? As I get deeper into Love is Blind Season 3, it more clear. Love is blind until it isn’t. The drama has started. Feelings are changing. Mistakes are being made. Things are being said that should have never been said. Bartise said some wild shit. Cole has said some wild shit. Colleen didn’t handle some things well as saying some wild shit. I like how the show throws them into social situations with each other and they are talking back and forth with each other. Heresay, he said, she said. It’s a hot mess. Welcome to the Isn’t!

It’s Getting Real

Cole messed up big time here. Cole and Colleen were clearly out of line. Matt and Zanab have every right to be upset, but Matt should have deaded it when they talked about it initially instead of brining it back up later, and springing it up on her in the social situation. She shouldn’t have been out til 2AM too. This is where a lot of men screw up. Some things you need to KEEP TO YOURSELF. What’s great here is they are on camera, so they can’t lie. The social situations are great because this is a real-world situation that happens a lot. Men, never talk to another woman about yours. Women, never talk to another man about yours.

love is blind

Bartise I felt was going to be a problem from the beginning. He really wanted Raven, and he is obsessed with his superficial type which is a problem with him and Nancy. His issue with the physical was something he could have kept to himself. He later admits to his concerns with her ex and a couple of other things played a role in that. I would have never said what he said.

There could have been a better job of communicating this to her. Ladies, take note: sometimes if we are experiencing emotional or mental strife or turmoil with you we pull back sexually. This is not intentional. As he said, sometimes there are more important things to deal with than sex. Which I definitely give him credit for saying.

Matt and Colleen have different sets of issues. We discover that he is still pretty wounded over being cheated on by his ex. How he chooses to deal with things is being a runner and a track star. He must like running in circles. His friends and family said this and he admitted just running off after 1-2 dates. Matt is an example of a man who really shouldn’t have been on the show looking for love. It is clear he has more healing to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if his issues do not come up again later.

Love is Blind Is Even More Real

We haven’t gotten to the wedding yet, but as we get closer to the wedding, the blinders are coming off. SK and Raven seem to be the least problematic of the bunch and the biggest thing they have dealt with so far is Raven’s family not showing up to the wedding. Cole and Zay, I cannot lie, I am not sure is gonna make it. Cole seems a bit immature, and he really had a tough time trying to get past Colleen. I am happy to see they have managed to get past it.

Yay for Conflict Resolution

I have to admit, that so far even though there has been drama, the ability to resolve conflict and move forward has been nothing short of amazing. I do not know if they are getting coached or have a counselor while filming or not, but a couple of these situations could have broken even seasoned relationships. Some of y’all need help with this. Read my article about how to be better at this. Part 3 I am going to talk about the weddings. It is only going to get more intense.

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