Love is Blind Season 4 Starts Off Messy

Love is Blind Season 4 Starts Off Messy

The 4th season of Love is Blind dropped on Netflix Friday. I was excited about this season because this season started off messy early on in the pods. Now if you haven’t watched last season, I broke it down in these blog posts here. As usual, the season is broken down into 2 parts. I watched the first half, and we are going to go over the first part. Part 2 drops on March 31. You got a little time to get caught up, so after you read this, get on it! Let’s get into it.

Now I am writing this as if you have watched this so I am not going to break down everything. I am going to talk about some of the messy parts. This season is a little bit different because the messiness and drama started rather early in pods. In prior seasons we only saw the occasional messiness during the part of the show in the pods, but this recent season it was turned up to ten.

Now in case you chose to read this anyway before going back to season 3, the premise of this show is whether it is possible to find love under the conditions of the show. Can you fall in love without seeing what they look like? Last season I said, love, is blind until it isn’t. Until real life sets in, with all the flaws and more. This season we have a bit more cynicism and dysfunction and I am here for it. As much as I believe in love, true love is formed during trials, not perfect controlled environments.

Love is Blind with the villians

Irina came in hot as the main villain in this season. She and Micah remind me of mean girls. Stirring up trouble in the pods, playing games, and manipulation. Zack, the criminal defense lawyer, was torn between Irina and Bliss. Bliss makes cupcakes for Zack, and Irina didn’t even remember his birthday. She tries to take one of the candles off the cake for him after making fun of her for doing so.

Bliss played it off and moved on, but Irina tells Zack Bliss was being mean to her, and subsequently picked her and realized quickly it was a bad decision. I guess he couldn’t see what we obviously could see, that Bliss was the better choice. As soon as they meet, it was the most awkward meeting of the couple I saw in all the seasons.

Irina was not attracted to him at all and it showed. She refused the kiss, and they set there not close, creepily staring at her. She said he looks like a cartoon character and he needs to blink more. Not the most exciting greeting from someone you just proposed to. It gets even messier when they get to Mexico and she avoids him. She had a deeper conversation with Paul than him. I am so glad that he did confront her on her distance and said if she ain’t with it then it’s over.

Fellas, you have to draw boundaries like this more. She didn’t really respond, and on the last night to tells her again and she finally admits she isn’t with it, and just like that, it’s over. They left a cliffhanger with Zack meeting Bliss back in Seattle.

love is blind
Love is Blind. (L to R) Zach, Irina in episode 404 of Love is Blind. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023

What We Can Learn

What we learned in the story of Zack and Irina is how manipulation caused Zack to make a decision that was not in his best interest. Bliss was a better choice from the beginning. He passed up on someone who showed him genuine love and affection all because she expressed the VERY thing about Irina he finds out about her later. A good manipulator can cause someone to make these types of decisions. One of the points of the show, but also a weakness, is when you communicate with a person and cannot see them, you can’t see body language and facial expressions to help the genuineness of a person.

Due to this, the relationship was dead in the water before they even got to the door to meet. Sometimes the warm and fuzzies blind us from the glowing red flag.

Where Zack does have to take the L, is he is a criminal defense lawyer so I expected his skills to detect manipulation would be a bit sharper than it was here. So here we see, love was blind. In my next post, we have to talk about Kwame and Micah.

This show is a great opportunity to learn some key skills to securing and maintaining love and relationships with my new book, Issa Love Thing: The Ups and Downs of Love, and How to Overcome and Win at Love.

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