Love is Blind Season 4 Starts Off Messy Pt. 2

Love is Blind Season 4 Starts Off Messy Pt. 2

If you haven’t read my first post, Love is Blind Season 4 Starts Off Messy, read it then come back. In the last post, I talked about Zack and Irina and their messiness and the lesson to take away from their experience. In this one, I am going to talk about Kwame and Micah. The messiness between these two started in episode 1. This environment actually blinds people more so in this season than I realized in others. At least it was shown more in this season than in the last three seasons.

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I had to go back and watch episode 5 because as this played out. I realized I missed something in this love triangle between Kwame, Micah, and Chelsea. My hunch was Kwame screwed up but had to go back and confirm, and I was right. Kwame made a mistake that many guys make. That mistake was being confused about who he really wanted. Kwame became close to Chelsea and Micah, but the biggest mistake he made was in his conversation with Micah after his date with Chelsea.

Love is blind, but should be quiet

In that conversation, Kwame tells Micah about his strong connection with Chelsea and that she shows him she wants him more than Micah. He states that she validates him more and reciprocates feelings more vocally than Micah. This was a mistake because it planted doubt. Due to that doubt, she decides to see if there is something with Paul. Even after Kwame says he wanted to propose earlier.

Which one is it bruh? He then goes on about how his feelings are after that. Micah then states that she wants to explore her connection with Paul after she admits her and Kwame’s connection is stronger and on a higher level. He proceeds to tell her it isn’t fair to tell her to cut the connection between her and Paul.

Micah then goes and tells Paul if she felt he was all in, she would have proceeded with him faster. Yet she says she and Kwame were on a higher level, but now she tells Paul she would pick him, and she does. I am going to keep it a buck, I don’t think she is into Paul. The connection clearly isn’t there. So Paul and Micah go off to tell Amber and Kwame their decisions.

In episode 2, she breaks the news to Kwame. He took it HARD. A little bit too hard, and he dipped out fast after that. This is his fault. He went on to talk about “how fucked up” it was. Bruh acted like he was in love now when he still wasn’t sure. If he was sure about her, he should have claimed her. He broke his own heart. This was a hard lesson to learn.

Just when you think it is over

After Kwame’s breakdown, in episode 4, he comes in and proposes to Chelsea. How quickly he was suddenly ready to pick her up after he was devastated by Micah is wild. I just do not support setting for Chelsea. She was 100 percent in, and he clearly was not. In episode 5, we see how it plays out. They are all off to Mexico, and Micah states that Paul was not something she would even normally go after, the code word for: she just isn’t that really into him.

Both of them are settling. Now everyone meets as couples and lawd it is about to get baaaaaaad. Remember, until now they have all only seen their fiance, they haven’t seen anyone else in person. You can see the connection in the initial hugs. Micah goes off to talk and reminisce about their time in the pod and talk about their connection and the feelings they had.

Later Micah makes a pretty bad comment about the failed proposal. He was rightfully upset about the comment which then led them to a longer, deeper, and inappropriate conversation by the pool while Chelsea and Paul are socializing. Chelsea and the other girls noticed, and she walks off. At the beginning of episode 5, she confronts Kwame about it.

His response to it was typical and awful. There was nothing right or appropriate about the conversation, and Chelsea had every reason to be upset. He crossed the line. Fellas this isn’t okay. Like every season though when the couples get together, there is always a little drama, but it usually starts there, not while in the pods. They were able to get past this, but Micah and Kwame is not over. We will see in part 2 of the season how it goes. See y’all then.

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