Love is Blind Season 3: The Altar

Love is Blind Season 3: The Altar

We are on Part 3 of the Love is Blind Season 3. It’s wedding time, the finale. Love is Blind Season 3: The Altar. So I am actually in a race to get to after the altar y’all. I know. I am late to the game, but love being Kanye late. My introspection into this series still applies to all relationships. It is a wild experiment, but I am here for the ride and the tea. We are 0-2 at the start of this post.

So we had one wedding that did not work out between SK and Raven. This one was hard because I really wanted this one to work out because they had minimal personality and character differences. I do understand why he said no. I do not think it is something that they could not have overcome, but it would have been difficult. That is their situation, and as we get past the weddings we will see what happens.

Bartise and Nancy, I was kind of shocked, but I guess I shouldn’t have been because I was a little sus of his maturity. I was shocked because of all of those tears from the night before from Bartise. That was a blindside. I mean he is younger. Then to be surprised she was done? If you tell me no at the altar, yea the relationship is over. His reason was very vague at that. There is more to it than he is saying.

Cole and Zanab, as sad as it was to see, I knew one of them was gonna say no. There was too much there. They just were not good for each other. Cole was immature, but what he was correct on was she did send mixed signals. She also did too much at the altar. I think that was a bit extra. How she felt was how she had been feeling for awhile, and she should have told him that either BEFORE that or in private after. She had us fooled too.

They say you need more than love, I guess you need glasses too.

love is blind season 3: the altar

Love is Blind Season 3: The Altar, The Winners

Brennon and Alexa! Yes! I knew from day one these two were made for each other. I had no doubt throughout their journey that they would make it to the altar. The spark, the chemistry, the ease of their conversations. You could see it in their eyes.

Matt and Colleen, I was all kinds of surprised, but I am happy for them. It didn’t look good because he was a runner due to past relationship trauma, and Colleen had issues with opening up and being deep. He also had an issue with overreacting. I am happy to see when couples can overcome major obstacles and move forward. I hope they make it.

I am not going to talk about the reunion. Stay tuned for the commentary on After the Altar. Not only will I be writing here about it,but I will alsol be discussing it on a podcast where I will be a co-host with another Creator. In the meantime, if you came across this post before the other two, please make sure you go back and read those. Until then, see y’all after I knock out After the Altar.

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