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Issa Love Thing

Some Of The Topics Covered In This Book

Complete steps on how to get and maintain a healthy relationship.

are you in a toxic relationship

Are You In A Toxic Relationship?

Learn to tell if you are in a toxic relationship, and get tips on how to turn your relationship fro toxic too healthy.

Think You're Getting Cheated On?

Think You are Getting Cheated On?

Learn how to recognize if you are getting cheated on, and what to do about it.

fear of commitment

Fear of Commitments in Relationships?

Do you think you or your partner have a fear of commitment? Learn how to identify fear of commitment, and how to overcome it.

Introducing: Issa Love Thing: The Ups and Downs of Love, and How to Overcome and Win at Love

Here’s A Quick Overview Of What You’ll Discover Inside This Book…

  • Growing Online Dating Relationships
  • Relationship Breakers
  • Emotional Affair or Friendship
  • Former Lovers Can Be Just Good Friends
  • Break-Ups And Guilt
  • Being Lied To In a Relationship
  • How to Tell is a Person is Trying to Bluff You
  • Overcoming Fears of Intimacy
  • Boredom And Lack Of Spontaneity
  • And MUCH More…

About The Author

DEEP3R1: Certified Master Life & Business Coach

“Helping you become a better you to be a better partner.”

DEEP3R1 uses wisdom from life experience, life coach training, and years of healing through his own therapy to help people become better people to be better partners.

The process is a journey I take my clients through, and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your journey, in the same way, many have been part of mine. In this book, I am giving you some of the tools that have helped many of my clients have better relationships.

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What The Readers Are Saying

“A Simple Book About Relationships that Helped Me Better Understand Her” – A Husband Who Need Help

“It’s tough to find more honest and straight- forward relationship advice than what you’ll get from DEEP3R1.”


IG Follower

“One of the best and slept on in the biz… A gem for aspiring authors. I consider it the most valuable guidebook to relationship success.”

Michelle V

Former Client

“It helped give me a better perspective on my current relationship, and some things I need to do differently.”

David G.

Verified Customer

issa love thing ebook

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