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Deep3r1 is a Certified Master Life Coach.

I am also a Digital Creator, Marketer, and Entrepreneur. Deep3R1 received his Master Life Coach Certification through the Transformation Academy.

DEEP3R1 uses wisdom from life experience, life coach training, and years of healing through his own therapy to help people become better people to be better partners.

After spending a lifetime in toxic relationships, anxious-avoidant, conflict-avoidant, pleaser narcissist, savior-victim traps, and more, I came to a few realizations and took some action. First I went to therapy.

I have admittedly spent years in therapy working through bearing my soul, tackling and unearthing demons and wounds.

I was figuring out the how when’s, where’s, and why’s of all of the traumas that have haunted me for a lifetime. Traumas that have led me to choose a series of toxic partners.

I like to say I was flipping the trauma-bonding coin, leaving both of us equally insecure, wounded, and hurt.

For the last 13 years of my life, I have seen three different therapists, a coach, went to webinars and seminars on personal development, and a few different pastors. Looking for help.

When became certified to be a life coach, throughout the training I, even more, had to do some self-reflection. It even triggered some suppressed darkness I did not know was still there.

During this journey, I was going through the everyday motions of life. Ups and downs (many downs), struggles, and even spiritual warfare. Many times I have felt near death. Even during my awakening, I struggled with my own self-worth, self-value, self-esteem, and mortality.

The last leg of this journey was getting to my own spiritual peace. A place of love and understanding, along with my natural approach, I was able to infuse spiritual healing and guidance into my final healing process to move forward as a healthy individual.

Through this journey, I have developed my own special intuitive approach to coaching.

On the cognitive side, critical thinking, neurolinguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and pattern recognition of my client’s challenges.

On the spiritual side, I tap into whom we were designed to be as human beings and how we were designed to love and live in love through spiritual affirmations that can help reprocess and release old traumas.

I call this process Agape Love Programming. Even though I have been certified in Master Life Coaching, my life experiences have helped me to be able to better understand and help those who may be stuck in the pattern of choosing toxic partners.

Even though I responded well to therapy, not everyone does. I still recommend most to see it to start your journey as therapy is designed to go back to your childhood and help you pull and recognize these traumas.

Over time certain mental issues may have developed that need to be treated by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist. Coaching is to help set goals for moving forward.

A person can only take you as far as they have gone, and that distinguishes me from others. I have many places and have seen many things.

This process is a journey I take my clients through, and I welcome the opportunity to be a part of your journey, in the same way, many have been part of mine. In this book, I am giving you some of the tools that have helped many of my clients have better relationships.

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Introducing: Issa Love Thing: The Ups and Downs of Love, and How to Overcome and Win at Love

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  • Growing Online Dating Relationships
  • Relationship Breakers
  • Emotional Affair or Friendship
  • Former Lovers Can Be Just Good Friends
  • Break-Ups And Guilt
  • Being Lied To In a Relationship
  • How to Tell is a Person is Trying to Bluff You
  • Overcoming Fears of Intimacy
  • Boredom And Lack Of Spontaneity
  • And MUCH More…

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