Group Coaching

group coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching is designed for groups of individuals ready for a major transformation.

The group coaching program is a private coaching offering a group of 2 or more people to come together in a ZOOM coaching environment to help uncover common shared ways, limiting beliefs, general personal development, and relationship issues.

This coaching option is a great option for those who have more general issues where maybe individual coaching is not either cost-effective or necessary. It takes a village, right? This is a great setting for knowledge and community. 

In group coaching, we will also review popular topics that I speak on such as love and relationships, attachment style, narcissism, or take any requests presented.

This is a private, safe, and intimate environment where individuals will be able to ask questions and engage and learn from one another. You will learn how to address limited beliefs, habits, personal practices, relationships, and family concerns. 

This program is designed for those ready to invest in themselves, and their relationship and are willing to grow with others and learn best in group environments. Lastly, it is for those ready for a much-needed change, and looking to shed a new you.

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