Couples Therapy: Unhinged and Shutdown

Couples Therapy: Unhinged and Shutdown

Relationships are tricky, and I love to see relationships flourish. Sometimes they don’t and sometimes a couple needs couples therapy. I found these clips on TikTok called Couples Therapy. It is a great show that really shows real couples trying to sort through their issues. Let me tell you, some things you may find shocking, but I do not as a coach and from my own personal experience. Today we have Michael and Michal. Let’s Watch.

Couples Therapy: Michael and Michal

You see why they are in couples therapy. Can you imagine what it is like at home? She is completely unhinged. He has shut down. She has a deeper underlying resentment toward him and as you can see, his very existence bothers her. Her anger stems from something deeper. Now I There are about 5 parts so I am going to tell what I learned based on what you do not see here.

Michal has some mother issues with always being pushed to perform, and nothing was ever good enough, and now she is treating Michael the same way. I watched the other videos for y’all and found this out. This is very common in relationships. People sometimes project issues with parents and become the very thing that they experienced. It’s similar to the victim becoming the villain trope.

Their relationship dynamic can be very damaging long-term. Both of these people need individual therapy while they are getting couples therapy because they can’t work through their relationship problems properly until they get through the individual problem. They are married so they will need to navigate this carefully, but it can be done.

Every couple does not need therapy, sometimes some coaching can help overcome and set up some goals for success. Couples coaching is a great way to build a deeper connection. If you are engaged to be married, premarital counseling can address these issues even more intentionally. Healthy relationships start with each individual.

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