Couples Coaching

couples coaching

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching is for a couple who are looking to get closer in their relationship and deepen their connection. We work through common relationship issues such as communication issues, lack of intimacy, conflict resolution, and other common relationship issues. 

In the couples coaching program, we also set goals for relationship rejuvenation for the successful evolution of your relationship. We focus on topics such as masculinity, femininity, gender roles, sexuality, sensuality, and attachment styles, and discover the best relationship dynamics that work for your relationship.


The coaching program offers a deep and transformative journey for individuals and couples who are looking to enhance their relationships and personal growth. By reframing past experiences and recognizing patterns, individuals can gain a better understanding of themselves and their relationships, leading to greater clarity and purpose.

My insights about relationships being mirrors and opportunities for personal evolution are powerful and can help individuals and couples reframe their experiences and approach them with greater openness and awareness. By recognizing that our partners can be our greatest teachers, we can embrace the challenges that come with relationships and use them as opportunities for growth and transcendence.

My approach to couples coaching focuses on evolving you as an individual rather than saving the relationship. A better you will help save your relationship. This emphasis on personal growth and ownership can help couples establish healthier communication and foster a more compassionate and loving dynamic.

This approach recognizes that relationships can be challenging and that true growth and evolution can only occur when each individual takes ownership of their needs and expresses them in a positive and constructive way. Remember, I want to help you be a better you, to be a better partner.

The couples coaching program is a 3-month immersive program held via Zoom and in some cases in person. The program includes one combined 90-minute session each month and one individual session for both partners each month.

Sharing together and individually is a critical part of the success of the program. Individual sessions give each partner a safe space to express yourselves about the relationship without the other present. This dynamic helps gain more honesty in joint sessions to achieve a deeper connection and intimacy at the end of the program.

Overall, my coaching program offers a powerful and transformative journey that can help you as a couple and individual evolve your relationships and deepen your connection to self and others.

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