Business Coaching

Here at DEEP3R1 Coaching I also offer business coaching services. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or you have started your business and maybe you are stuck and you are not getting the results you had hoped. This is where my business coaching comes in. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have had a coach help them achieve results they could have never imagined. I have 15 years of entrepreneurship and social and digital marketing experience myself and working for other larger businesses. My business coaching is a hybrid model. My hybrid model consists of:


    • Coaching – Set clear goals and set actions plans to achieve them

    • Consulting – Give you guidance and instruction on how to do tasks

    • Done for You – Certain tasks I can and will do for you (depending on package purchase)

    • Training – Train you how to do certain tasks in your business hands-on

Similar to my regular coaching, we are going to address limiting beliefs and challenges that may be a roadblock in achieving your business goals. Here are some of the common challenges entrepreneurs face:


    • Lack of business organization and structure

    • Customer and client acquisition

    • Poor marketing strategies that are not contributing to grow

    • Online presence and brand management and reputation

    • Website design, build and maintenance

    • Product and service offerings and placement.

business coaching

Who Is Business Coaching For?

My business coaching is for upcoming and new entrepreneurs starting out, especially solo entrepreneurs. Those who are looking for guidance on where I begin. It can be overwhelming as a new entrepreneur wears many hats. It is great to know all of the things that you need to operate your business, but you cannot do them all.

You want to be the master of your specialty, not knowing a little bit of everything and a master of none. I can help you delegates tasks that will help make you run your business more efficiently through hiring out certain tasks or using apps. These are the businesses I specialize in coaching.

DEEP3R1’s Coaching Services

Securing my business coaching services will help to empower you to achieve your goals. I use my own proven techniques and methods, which have helped new entrepreneurs get on a plan and path that helped them grow bigger and better-performing businesses. By focusing on the present and future, I will help empower you with actual knowledge that you can immediately apply to business growth.

I will get to know you and your business and accredit you with personal one-on-one guidance to help push you to achieve your greatest goals and meet your needs. Book a session to make moves in your business today.

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