An Argument Can Reveal Who Your Partner Truly Is

An Argument Can Reveal Who Your Partner Truly Is

New love is great. When you first meet someone and think your partner can do no wrong. It is so euphoric. You like almost everything you think you know about them until, an argument. Sometimes that first argument can be small and it sometimes can be large. One thing you are going to learn in arguments is who your partner truly is.

Here are some sobering examples of this:

  • Drunk man tells no tales
  • Drunk man tells no lies
  • A drunk mind speaks a sober heart

Now you are probably thinking, we are not talking about a drunk man, we are talking about an angry partner. Many people only believe 3 people tell no lies, drunk and angry people, and babies. If you have never heard this line before, you are welcome. When people are angry, you tend to find out how they really feel. There are plenty of studies that show this. Anger is a powerful emotion, and can make or break a relationship with anyone. Sometimes what you say out of anger you can’t take back.

You learn very quickly whether your partner can resolve conflict, be quick to anger, have anger management issues, or they are cool, calm, and collected regardless of what is thrown at them. Get through the first few disagreements and ask yourself, is this the same person I thought I liked so much or loved?

How Anger Can Ruin the Relationship with your Partner

Anger can ruin a relationship in several ways. Firstly, when one or both partners express anger in a relationship, it can lead to a breakdown in communication. When people are angry, they tend to become defensive and may lash out, which can make it difficult for the other person to express themselves or feel heard. This can lead to a cycle of escalating anger and frustration, which can be very damaging to the relationship.

Secondly, anger can lead to hurtful behavior. When people are angry, they may say things that they don’t mean or engage in behaviors that are hurtful to their partner. This can include yelling, name-calling, or even physical violence. Such behavior can cause emotional or physical harm, and it can lead to a loss of trust in the relationship.

Thirdly, unresolved anger can build up over time and lead to resentment. When people don’t express their anger or find a way to resolve it, it can fester and turn into resentment. This can create a toxic atmosphere in the relationship, making it difficult for both partners to feel happy or fulfilled. Resentment can also cause people to distance themselves from their partner, which can ultimately lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

Resentment slowly eats away at relationships and it is important to be able to resolve anger quickly. I have experienced this myself, and my coaching clients also have realized how resentment slowly ate at the relationship. Knowing how to resolve conflict and help with this. Read these two articles to help in dealing with conflict.

In conclusion, anger can ruin a relationship by damaging communication, causing hurtful behavior, and leading to resentment. It is important for partners to find healthy ways to express and resolve their anger in order to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. Check out my new ebook: Issa Love Thing: The Ups and Downs of Love, and How to Overcome and Win at Love if you wanna learn ways to solve conflict and have a better relationship.

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