5 Reasons a Woman Will Leave You

5 Reasons a Woman Will Leave You

5 Reasons a Woman Will Leave You

Years ago, Beyonce sang a song called “Irreplaceable.” When it was hot you had every girl hollering, “you must not know about me” to the high mountains. It was all downhill after that. In our society, we have gotten to some of the highest levels of narcissism ever. Everyone thinks they are the greatest person that their partner has or had in a relationship. People have become too comfortable, and they think “oh they will never leave. I am irreplaceable.” Admittedly, I find this more so among women, but men have a habit of doing this as well. The men seem to think at times that if they have great D, she is “Dmatized” and he can get away with anything, and she is not going anywhere. It simply is not true, and we are going to review the 5 reasons a woman will leave you.


I would be willing to be, this is the #1 reason. I keep it spicy I could have counted down to #1 instead of 1–5. Oh well, next time. Even though we are all guilty, women do not like it when you lie Bruh. I had a guy tell me a woman is a walking lie with all the makeup, fake nails, lashes, etc. I was like okay buddy, calm your jets. I will write something about them later. I am talking about men. Fellas you lie about the simplest and sometimes the most ridiculous things. Most of the time she has heard all the lies before, and she is looking for them. Put yourself in a position where you do not have to lie.


I was torn on whether to add this one to the list because there are many times she does not leave from cheating, but some do so it is here. I mean do I really need to go into detail here. It is the obvious reason someone would leave from being cheated on. Yes, they do not like that bro.


This includes mental, emotional, and physical abuse. It may take her a long time to leave. Many women tolerate abuse for a while before making the decision to leave. No one wants to be abused or should tolerate it.

No Support

A woman who feels like she is not being supported will leave you much faster than some of these other reasons. A man should be there for his woman and be able to support her in many ways. She will need your leadership, emotional support, love, and financial support. Be careful here, because you are putting your relationship in danger of being lost to another man. There will be a man that willing to step up if you do not step up in this department.

Lack of Attention

This is the danger zone. This is THE fastest way to lose your woman. Women need and crave attention! This is what you sign up for fellas. Why would you not give her attention? Did you really do all that work to neglect her? Show your lady that you want and care for her. She will treat you even better.

Fellas, if you want to keep your woman, you need to avoid any of these. There are many thirsty guys out there willing to take your place. If she is not what you want any more, let her go.


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